• Keith McCrae
    We know that when you look at the projected or actual prices of a race, the lower prices will be the fastest horses in terms of final time. But what if that horse is speed? And what if that horse does not make it to a contending position?
    Not THE speed, a horse that SHOULD be close to the pace, because a lot of the time, ESPECIALLY as a a runner drops or rises in class, these horses do not get to that position that lets them be a at their relaxed best.
    This does not affect closers that break on top or closer to the pace than usual. Pittsburgh Phil believed that horses are the most like humans in nature, and sometimes they just don't have it and sometimes they are just sharp. If a horse that usually is not good in the first 110 gets a good start and a good rhythm...Good night!
    So if your methodology can project a scenario in which the abilities of a speed horse(one that should be the pace or reasonable close to it) might compromised, you can knock him or her out of at least the controlling price position...the win.
  • Keith McCrae
    Okay, that should be BEAT and not be!
    I'm used to typing first and editing later like Facebook and Youtube because I'm always doing this between races, but there is no editing here. So I'm going to have to be more careful.
  • Dave Schwartz

    (Actually, you can edit, but you've only got like 15 minutes.)


  • Gino
    i thought your intended title was "Want To BET low priced horses" !!!

    dos centavos de chino:

    you make more money betting ON things, than you do betting AGAINST things....
    like Der Bingle sang "Accentuate The Positive"....

    a thread certain to garner very few responses could be titled "Luck And The Morning Line"...
    my perspective on any horse i wager on that pays north of seven dollars is simply this-
    Juan Q Publico made a mistake.....and i got lucky....

    right behind me i have Pittsburg Phil's Racing Maxims And Methods, Originally Published In 1908...
    my copy is the Gambler's Book Club edition from 1968...it belonged to my grandfather who died late that same year, and i brought it home the day of his funeral....i was already spending too much time at GGF, and i was fortunate to receive this tome relatively early in life...considering the fact that fifty some years later i often refer to it, i am sure that i was lucky to have snagged this "inheritance"....

    starting with the first sentence of Chapter One..."playing the races appears to be the one business in
    which men believe they can succeed without special study, special talent, or special exertion" as my
    philosophical cornerstone, i have basically operated my life in a not quite right Triangle Offense....
    1. "the Kingdom Of God is like a mustard seed..."
    -Jesus de Naz
    2. "Don't ask God to give it to you, ask God to put you where there is some...."
    -old Mexican Proverb
    3. "if you are playing a man who is wearing a gun, play him for the gun first...after you win the gun, you
    can take the money..."
    -Lash LaRue

    a less loquacious Dos Centavos would be two words:

  • Keith McCrae
    Pittsburgh Phil is the man, the book is gospel; the foundation of handicapping.
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