• Gino
    if you ever want to see why sometimes you need to hang up yer lab coat and put yer
    gritty green visor on to win some loot, sneak a peek at BTP 09 1AUG2019....
    this bunch of proud plugs had such lousy numbers that the fractions and final time looked like
    arabs heading to appys....the high to low vs low to high looked almost the same...
    the key to cashing in this race was an extreme example of a very important relationship between
    cRtg and PSR....#2 ranked 1-1, #10 was 1-9, and ten beat the two, paying $14.60....
    convergence in these two factors provides the mundane quandary that high % picks bring to most
    races, but when you see divergence, esp in the extreme, get your goggles on and unwrap your
    ka-ching, coo coo ka choo, helter skelter and all that...
  • mikesal57
    That is a head scratcher....CRtg is highly correlated to PSR
  • mikesal57
    Hey G....you had me thinking....

    I can see now.........you were sipping the vino early today....n1032kf1pmfx693i.jpg
  • Gino
    both were routers cutting back, and routes tend to be marginally inflated in the composite rawness
    of HSH....the field was so numerically deficient that the two and the ten were the cream on the top...
    after breaking her maiden the ten lost her next four races by a combined 115 lengths...despite
    showing consistent early lick! PSR hates horses like this, ergo rank of nine....the two was a more
    even sort of consistent loser and numerically superior enough to be PSR 1....the composite nature
    of HSH has some built in redemption for these kinds of piggles, thus the cRtg tie for Uno and the
    validation of the one-two finish....

    i only play six furlong races, my eyes are on the lookout for these situations...throw in a B+ on the
    DK All screen and a B+3 3-2 (class drop, J/T) on the Form 1 screen, aces across on the TedWin
    screen, an 88 EP last out in a race with a projected EP (race conditions button) of 83, and you see
    the #10 as a gift from the racing gods, or at least DS....

    HSH Rools/Gino Drools
  • mikesal57
    thxs for explaining :)
  • Gino
    found this one early enuf in the day that i was still drinking coffee!
    the nine ran 4th...hit the sooper three times on an 8/1 margin enabling me to hit the hard stuff at
    happy hour....

    BTP09 Summary   Bet Int=10
    Prg Horse                Cont Odds Prob    $Net    Opt%  Cons  Cnt
      2 Treasure Wilburnya      C    2 14.0    $0.84   -29.0  227   11           $4.60   $3.00
     10 Opulent                 C    6 15.3    $2.14     1.2  194   11  $14.60   $8.20   $5.80
      1 Highly Visible          C    9 10.3    $2.05     0.3  104   11
      9 Legend Bound            C    3 10.2    $0.81   -19.8   90   11
      8 Tiz Stella              C    9  9.1    $1.83    -0.9   83   11
      3 Swing Music             C  9/2  9.0    $0.98   -11.3   64   11
      4 Hydra's Hope            C   12  8.9    $2.31     1.3   58   11                   $5.00
      5 Gift From Mom           C   21  9.2    $4.03     4.8   54   11
      7 Ohio Rose               C   20  8.2    $3.42     3.6   30   11
     11 Fancy M                 C   30  6.0    $3.74     2.9   21   11
  • Gino
    thought i posted that one simultaneous to the other one....
    lost in the ozone, or is it gone?
  • Kenneth Fee
    Morning Gino,

    Guessing it was Irish coffee :)

    Good to see you still posting. Got a lot from that old board and your posts.

  • Gino
    i still communicate with several members from ye olde BBS...for various and sundry reasons, none
    of them are current HSH downloaders...betting on horses is a solitary endeavor, but i do miss
    discussions with handicappers using a shared vocabulary...that said, i am somewhat dubious as
    to what lingo the current crop of HSHers use to palaver...i am not nor will i be a "social media" user,
    so i have never seen any of the FB musings...i visit various handicapping sites to check out the chatter
    re: the current state of the art/science...ya always need to remember we are all betting against each
    other...the purported advances in AI in various programs are a little scary, so too is the verrrry real intel of declining field sizes....some wizards contend that the collective intelligence of handicappers using computers is producing the chalky plethora of $2.80 winners, but a quick visit to the affectionate nirvana of FU and its seemingly endless eejit drivel makes ya feel like there is still some easy money left...
    so thanx Ken for the shout out, and in a memory lane like hit parade i am gonna throw out some
    of my absolutely awesome/must have eyeball scan fixtures from HSH...

    Genesis, master these, COMP SCREEN ICON>DK All button>Form 1 button.

    1. Synthetic Pace tab
    2 Race Conditions icon (pure DS genius)
    3.VScreens (your imagination vs myth, legend, and fact)
    4. Systems vs Filters, an "outmoded technology" that is like owning a sixties Jag XKE with a 1909
    S VDB penny in the ashtray...
    5.Collective Speed
    6. SLTs
    7. Prime 3 raw...
    8. Filter>Winning Profiles>Populate Model>PP tab...the best pivot since Tinkers to Evers to Chance!!

    and many more....

    the purchase of HSH and the resultant process of decpihering its damn good numbers and turning that knowledge into profitable bets makes a handicapper akin to becoming the proverbial "one-eyed cat peepin' in a seafood store" made famous in "Shake, Rattle, and Roll"...
    as to whether or not any of this old skool stuff is being used anymore, i have no clue, but as an
    extremely satisfied owner of a virtually undocumented and somewhat alien Flintstones era
    version of the program, i am here to tell ya:
    HSH and a vivid imagination can make plenty of loot if you know what you are doing...
    gracias per usual to DS, The Creator, for a great program and oh yeah, for "inventing" the metric
    known as PIV....

    dos centavos
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