• Gino

    if anybody copies this call for hep, could you please tell me the raw numbers and names of the Top 4
    cRtg hosses from the finale at PRM?
    The Ghost Ship Sails On
  • Gino
    hmmm....one can only assume that:
    nobody visits this site or nobody who downloads HSH does, or the users who do are too busy
    "scraping".....or mebbe weren't sure what cRtg is....
    or that scrapping this site already happened?
  • Dave Schwartz

    LOL - Crickets here,
  • Gino
    Lotsa peeps tell me "let it go, Grasshopper", but never no "crickets"....
    any chance you have time to answer my question, Master Po?

    lonely in the ethers,
  • Gino
    HSH BBS:
    lights are on, nobody home?
  • Dave Schwartz
    Everything is on Facebook.
  • mikesal57
    This will probably be the last post for me here....thsf1u0dlllxr62g.jpg
  • mikesal57
    With Daves new crop of newbies....its most likely they will be challenged to go beyond what they know with Tiers....
    I've seen maybe one or two willing to go deeper in HSH...
    What a shame....some of my best stuff is on here

    Gino....try facebook , its not that bad....or you'll be in the abyss...
  • Gino
    Thanx Mike, there is nothing like a simple request and a simple answer...
    your screen print provided me with some very important info re: faulty pacelines in Bedrock...
    good stuff!

    I have no use for Facebook, and The Abyss is kinda peaceful after the tourists are gone...
    This site has achieved Useless Clutter status, it will be gone from my bookmarks in the next purge,
    along with PT Barnum's obituary, How To Build Muscle In Nine Minutes, and a couple of other
    incredibly intellectual sights.calm....

    Good Luck in your scrappy vigilance over to FU, and Go Mets!
  • mikesal57

    This race had a 5.20 winner......nothing that I will dig into.....
    My niche is getting those $15 horses..:)
  • Gino
    yeah i know, but the PSR 1 horse ($5.60) keyed a $33.21 super....my Flintstone numbers had
    the 12 Iowa Native on top in cRtg, a fatal flaw that occurs when a pure router shows up in a sprint...
    the inflated ratings were tempered by the PSR 7 rating, but my curiosity was aroused....

    pick winners, my friend, and the profits will follow....
  • Gino
    i hate typing, there is no one here but us, just ask DS for my fone number....

    re: your $15 niche

    my filter produced six races for FRIDAY 13th, the winning mutuels were 9.4, 14.4, 3, 3.4, 6.6, and 20.6....
    the corresponding dime soopers were 37.97, 34.51, 6.06, 4.54, 3.35, 70.47....actually the first one was a canadian twenty center....

    sometimes you bet sixteen bucks and get back $91, or ten bucks and $61, but ya might risk
    $8 and win $211...."So Lucky".....EMD 06.....almost every positve outcome, be ye grinder or genius or
    gino-ious, the moolah arrives when the public makes a mistake, a situation you have no control over...
    i liked the 3 & 4 in the EMD sixth AND i hedged a bit with the ML 6/5 fave who the public made 1/2
    and who failed to hit the board after winning his last four races....BAM! a risk/reward jackpot, and
    my only contribution was picking the winner...i had no idea that the publix would hammer #1, nor that
    Lucky would float from 9/2 to 9/1.....the three ran second at 2/1.....sometimes you just have to be there, and sometimes you need Ivy Mike to run third at 30/1.....hehehe...

    focus on finding winners and grinding out consistent profits and the windfalls will land in your lap,
    otherwise you become a zigzagging seeker following the Value/Edge prophets and their tales of tears,
    rehashed stories and irrelevant stats about things that you have no control over...
    above all be honest with yourself about what you do or do not know, everybody has to start
    somewhere, but if in a given race you really think half the field plus one are actual contenders to
    win, then you simply must recognize your Rookie status and the reasonable expectation of a Mendoza Line ROI.....if half the field plus one do have a shot at winning, well Mikey boy, you might well have
    found El Niche Quince $$$, but you are most likely in Pasadena....

    thanx again for posting that screenshot, it was a load off my mind....

    Luck and Research,

  • Gino
    P.S. MikeSal:
    my dos centavos may seem a leetle glib, so full disclosure....sometimes no matter how deep you
    dive, finding the winner does not guarantee meal money or even your per diem...BTP the 8 th on
    thursday, the 2 and the 5 were tied numero uno cRtg, and aside from running style very tough to
    untangle....ran 5,2,4,1 went off at 6/5 and Even....some peeps might have found value in the four dolla winnah,
    but despite the presence in the race of a great name bet, with those two being neck and neck, a short field said
    stay home gino....that said i had no idea some o-hi-o yokel would bet a hunnert cold super using his
    address and hammer the dime to eighty one cents.....but skipping that race made me feel smart, when, really, all i was was lucky that i pulled off for coffee in Pasadena.....bankroll preservation by
    not digging yourself into a hole is experiential and why you pay tuition until you graduate or drop out....

    when you quit generating stats like a dog licking his nutz, you will realize that Research is nothing
    more than continuing education, and it fookin never ends....
    10-4 capische?
  • Dave Schwartz

    Is it okay if I completely disagree?
  • Gino
    with what?
    you can disagree with all of it, in the end we are betting against each other...

    my mantra in modern life is "i have less and less in common with more and more people", an
    observation that is more than a little bit derived from the nature of successful parimutuel wagering...
    in my handicapping "process", i eyeball nineteen HSH screens plus the three column SLTs and the Post Position Analysis output from Filters....a couple of Systems vs Filter (like Spy vs Spy from Mad Magazine) clickolas and i am pretty sure of lots of stuff...the less Juan Q Publico agrees with me,
    the more money i make...

    so, yes, disagree with me as much as you can, and keep selling the hell out of HSH!!

    free advice to HSH users:
    quit wasting your time with the whiners and pissed off losers over at FU (there are about three posters there who know jack shit about anything, let alone handicapping and betting), and instead attack
    every last part of HSH....over and over and over...the numbers are fine, skip the step of trying to
    prove that they aren't....if you can imagine "it"and if can ask the right questions, HSH will find you
    most of the answers...
    learn what you don't know and find out why you don't know it...
    every step you skip adds a chomp chomp chomp to the parimutuel gators you are betting against...

    poke salad gino
  • Tony Kofalt
    Although I don't post often I really enjoy reading your posts. Plz consider giving the FB group a chance. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. And your humor as well. Hope this is not the last time I hear from you.
    Tony K
  • Gino
    Cap'n Tony !
    The Pride of Penn National! !
    thanx for the kind words, but you wil see Andrew Yang in La Casa Blanca before you see gino
    on FB...

    blundered in to a sweet little heist with that dead heat for show in PEN 08 tonite....had the 4 & the 7
    in third AND fourth slots on all three tickets...
    PEN may be the most consistent track in the country vis a vis HSH !
    the $3.80 winner was 66.7% $2.03 at odds less than Even....talk about a low priced overlay!
    the piggles run to the numbers, year in year out, doesn't matter if the track vets are honest, locked up, or on parole.....
    it's no wonder that you are a long time HSH user....
    are you still doing seminars trackside?

    i hope you are well and continue to remain unindicted ...

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