Featured Author: Derek Simon

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    I love numbers and analysis and have been able to parlay that into an exciting career writing about two of my greatest passions — business and sports.

    In addition to working as a freelance financial editor/writer for InvestorPlace, Newsmax, The Motley Fool, Investopedia/Forbes, Beacon Equity Research and Investor Concepts (among others), I was also the editor of Small Cap Insider, a monthly newsletter highlighting investment opportunities in the small cap sector.

    Currently, I am the editorial director of USRacing.com . My sports pieces have been featured (or linked to) on Yahoo.com, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, AOL Sports and CBS Sports.

    I’ve headed numerous special projects, including the development and production of betting guides for the Triple Crown and Breeders’ Cup races, handicapping reports, investment reports and a variety of promotions and video productions.

    I have also designed and been the administrator of numerous Web sites, including the Moffat County Morning News site in Craig, CO.

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